Kaizilla’s Jungle Survival - Best Play-to-Earn NFT Based Game

The wait is finally over. Kaizilla’s first ever play-to-earn game is up and running. It includes different mini games for you to play and explore. There awaits a final stage which will test your wits. Games such as puzzles, matching same boxes, reasoning questions, banana collection, maze and more are all part of this Jungle Survival and can win you rewards. There are 500 Kaizilla Genesis NFTs worth upto $10,000 which you can grab.

Want to play with your friends?

We have got your concern covered. You can play as team of 3 and upon finishing the quests, you can win your rewards.
Head over to kaizilla.io and start playing because you would not want to miss out on such an opportunity.

*For Mac Users*
Please follow these steps before launching Kaizilla App on Mac.
•Open System Preferences
•Go to Security & Privacy
•Click the Open Anyway button in the general panel to confirm your intent to open or install the Kaizilla app.



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